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We are always looking for talented people that will move us to be bolder, dream bigger and perform better.
Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack

We are looking for smart and experienced software engineers who are masters in NodeJS and Angular. Should you prove to exceed our expectations, you might have opportunities to travel with this project. We are a young fast growing company that is focused on improving not only our company but also each individual. We are making a foray into TDD and more complex projects, really pushing the envelope and we need people who can grow with us. Transparency is super important for us, the ability to speak about issues, take and give constructive criticism are key to success in this position. But as important as tech knowledge is humility and the willingness to work collaboratively.

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DevOps Intern

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer with a passion for System Administration or System Automation and Security. The ideal candidate would possess experience in working with linux systems. Experience and knowledge in numerous other Software Development and automation technologies and hardware will be an added benefit.

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Devops Engineer

As a Devops Engineer, you will be largely responsible for designing and maintaining cloud infrastructure, the automation of web and mobile application deployments and will work with developers to build complex yet intricate systems. You will be included in architectural decisions and will be an integral part of managing information security. You will have access to various tools and technologies of your choice and will be given a huge amount of autonomy in order to work on projects.

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