Development tools
Development tools Facilitation of agile development processes harnessing digital tools

Docker - Dock your containers here!

Docker is used by the team to construct, manage, and secure all of our application deployments.>


UI path - A clear path to user interface

Our certified devs and BA’s implement UIPath RPA solutions


Azure - State of the art cloud computing by Microsoft

We needed to deploy development on Azure because many of our major corporations use the Microsoft suite. As a result, we have Azure certified DevOps engineers on staff.


Bitbucket - More than just Git code management, built for professional teams

Our preferred version control repository hosting service is Bitbucket, while we do have to use other services for some clients. This is where we store our source code and development projects, as well as manage revision control.


AWS - A comprehensive and widely adopted cloud architecture platform

The majority of our projects rely on AWS's infrastructure and third-party plugins. For our IoT projects and cloud infrastructure, we use AWS. We presently have several qualified AWS DevOps engineers on staff.

clockify - Gandi SAS French company providing domains and web hosting services

Gandi is a French provider service with whom we collaborate for some of our French client's privacy legislation.


Katalon - Katalon studio, an automation testing solution

Cross-platform behavior testing that is automated. Katalon enables us to integrate automated tests with our CI/CD pipeline in a seamless manner. This allows us to provide our partners with the finest products possible.

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