Administrative tools
Administrative tools Tools we use to work smart
Keeping a smooth flow with each team is important. Our teams in admin, finance and human capital, utilize tools such as G Suite, Flock, Clockify, TeamDeck, Wave and Trello, to maintain an efficient workflow. Delve into some of the tools we use to work smart, efficient and to make the lives of our internal teams easier whilst leaving minimal room for error.

Flock - Birds of a feather, flock together

Flock is a business messaging and team collaboration app that centralizes all of our work. We use it to swiftly gather teams and individuals to discuss ideas, share information, assign tasks, and track team progress, allowing teams to focus on what they do best.


Trello - Simplistic yet power-packed task management tool

Trello is a simple yet powerful tool used across teams to organize and manage daily, weekly, monthly tasks and deliverables.


Clockify - Times not a wasting with Clockify

A time tracking and timesheet application that lets us track work hours across projects.Time's definitely not a-wasting with Clockify.


Wave - A wave of revolutionary accounting

All of our billing is done through Wave. This invoicing application gives us the ability to record our accounts in several currencies, which is critical for our finance team, because we work with clients from all around the world.


G Suite - A host of collaborative tools

Our team can collaborate in real-time thanks to the Google workspace. G Suite may be used for nearly any project across all teams at KeenEye


TeamDeck - Resource management - made simple

Teamdeck is a complete resource management tool for IT companies that allows for easy resource planning with a flexible calendar that our team uses in order to track, manage and measure our team’s work and optimize work continuously to make sure our team stays at the top of their game whilst having a work-life balance in the most efficient manner possible.

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